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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Life-sized Leatherface

My friend Sam and I constructed a life-sized dummy of Leatherface last Friday. Sam had already built the skeleton: wooden legs, gloves filled with flexible coat hangers, and PVC pipe for the spine and arms. I helped him nail the skeleton to a platform, beef up the legs with padding, then tear the whole thing off because we forgot to give him pants. Once we bolted the bones back onto the platform, we dressed him in a flannel shirt and a bloody apron, and then filled out his torso with stuffing. Finally, we added the head, a one-gallon milk jug wearing a Leatherface mask, plus a plastic chainsaw, held overhead. The bastard is almost seven feet tall! Sam is going to have a hard time sleeping with that thing in his house--it'll be there till Halloween. Every time he steps into the garage to tap the kegerator, he's gonna shit his pants :)